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Ready to increase your income
and grow your audience online?

GET FREE ACCESS to proven strategies to grow your sales, reach, and impact online! Learn directly from over ten 6 & 7-Figure CEOs so you can believe God on another level and make more money in your business!

Learn from 6 & 7-Figure CEOs

Ryan McCrary.jpg

Ryan McCrary
"The Funnel Doctor"

Jessica Williams.jpeg

Jessica Williams
CEO of Irregular Exposure

Raevyn Hokett.jpg

Raevyn Hokett
CEO of AUNDI Official

Join the summit for Christian women who are
serious about their faith and their businesses.

Hey Go-Getter!

It's time to Scale Your Business & Bring in the paying Clients & Customers you've always dreamed of! And keep God at the center!

Here's what you can expect during this free 3-day Virtual Summit:

  • Each day at 7 am CST, you'll get 24-hour access to a new video featuring our Summit Speakers for the day

  • We are Fasting from 6a - 6p Tuesday thru Thursday

  • Each day, there will be a live training session at 5 pm CST

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Ready to take your business
to 6-Figures and beyond

9H1A7733 (1).jpg

If you... want to create financial freedo& build generational wealth

Serve others, profit from your gifts & scale to 4-6 figure months

Impact the people God called you to and keep God at the center of your life

Overcome fear, procrastination & imposter syndrome to be consistent

Have a fully booked client roster

Run multiple successful businesses

Run a successful side hustle or completely quit your corporate job

If that's you, then the Go-Getter Confidential Virtual Summit was created just for you! Save your free spot today!


The virtual summit
experience at a glance










Each day will have a different focus:

Elevating Your Faith & Mindset for Maximum Impact

Growing Your Business with Marketing & Social Media


Scaling & Monetizing Your Business to 6-Figures & Beyond

Join us for the Go-Getter Confidential Virtual Summit to learn the proven business growth strategies for your business. 

Take your life, business & profits
to the next level, sis. It's time.

From $0 to 6-Figures, meet your coach
Candace Junée


Named top social media expert by Later Media, Candace Junée is an award-winning digital marketing & automation strategist who has helped over 10,000 business owners increase their visibility, attract paying clients, and make consistent sales through social media. 

Candace Junée’s professional career in digital marketing began as a digital marketing technology consultant & UX Product Manager at Accenture. Before quitting her corporate job in 2017, she helped streamline digital marketing strategies for billion- dollar brands across industries ranging from computer software, fast fashion, media, to technology.

She has been an entrepreneur for 10+ years! Her incredible wisdom, passion & prophetic gifting make her out to be a phenomenal, extremely invested Christian business coach!


Consistency is calling your name! Learn from Candace Junée and other 6 & 7-Figure CEOs all about how you can consistently grow your following, income & business!


Kelly Conley.jpg


Business & Life Coach

Scaling & Monetizing Your Business to 6-Figures & Beyond

Kelly is an experienced business and life coach who has been helping women achieve their goals for over 7 years. She is a certified NLP practitioner with a passion for helping female entrepreneurs scale their businesses using systems that allow them to live fulfilling lives without sacrificing rest, self-care or family time.

Jessica Williams.jpeg


CEO of Irregular Exposure & The Fashionpreneur Academy

Scaling & Monetizing Your Brand to 6-Figures & Beyond 

Jessica created her fashion brand at just 14 years old, “Irregular Exposure” - a brand that would soon take the fashion world by storm. Her brand has been featured in New York Fashion Week, Cosmo, Fashion Bomb Daily, Essence, and more. With over $3M in revenue, Irregular Exposure has been seen on celebrities like Jayda Cheaves, Tokyo Stylez, Megan Thee Stallion, and Evelyn Lozada. Jessica launched The Fashionpreneur Academy, coaching for emerging and aspiring fashionpreneurs and has assisted over 50,000 fashion business owners in launching and scaling their brands. With over 140K followers and a community of over 200,000 subscribers, Jessica and Irregular Exposure are on the cusp of being one of the biggest fashion labels of our time!

Raevyn Hokett.jpg


CEO of AUNDI Official &

Supernaturally Paid

Elevating Your Faith & Mindset for Maximum Impact

Raevyn Hokett's time as an entrepreneur began long before she was a sought after luxury handbag designer of the AUNDI brand. In her previous businesses, Raevyn has assisted over 1500 minority women with starting businesses and becoming self-employed. While Raevyn enjoys being a serial entrepreneur, her most celebrated title is as Founder of Supernaturally Paid, a community with a signature course that helps faith based entrepreneurs be seen, heard, and paid so they can reach the wealth God promised them. While Raevyn loves juggling her various business hats, her favorite thing to do is spend quiet time with God and have family time with her Husband and Son.

Kwinetta Moore.JPG


Marketing Strategist and & Pastor

Elevating Your Faith & Mindset for Maximum Impact

Kwinetta Moore is a forward-thinking, radical, and bold marketing strategist who firmly believes that entrepreneurship is meant to be done intentionally and meaningfully. Kwinetta is the CEO of “The House of Strategy”, which is a global marketing solutions firm that specializes in providing research-based, and cognitively aligned marketing strategies for influential minority-owned CEOs who are seeking strategy that is both clear and conversional.

Brianca Johnson.png


Marketing Strategist & Consultant

Growing Your Business with Marketing & Social Media

Brianca Johnson Kirkman, is Marketing Strategist and Consultant and the author of It Ain’t Rocket Science, Friend! How to Position Your Expertise, Build an Authentic Personal Brand, and Plan a Profitable Launch in 90 Days. Brianca specializes in helping business owners execute easy-to-implement, no-fluff marketing strategies and automations so they can confidently sell their expertise, grow their audience, increase their sales, and automate their marketing without more time and overwhelm. Brianca has assisted her clients in generating over $500,000 in first time launches and has coached over 600 women between three core programs since July 2020.

Screen Shot 2023-03-22 at 10.07.01 AM.png


CEO of Thames Media Solutions

Scaling & Monetizing Your Business to 6-Figures and Beyond

Michelle Thames is an award-winning blogger turned Online Business & Marketing Strategist who has helped catapult companies like multi-million dollar beauty brand MIELLE Organics, from a startup to becoming a household name by leveraging organic social media and digital marketing strategies. She teaches creative entrepreneurs how to get their businesses visible, how to attract more clients, and how to monetize by leveraging organic marketing and social media. She has been a social media influencer and content creator for 13 years working with brands like Olay, Subway, Toyota, Culver’s, Choose Chicago, Stitch Fix, Lexus, Southwest, and more.

Christal Luster.jpeg


Content Creator & Filmmaker

Growing Your Business with Marketing & Social Media

Christal Luster is a Chicago-based actress, singer/songwriter, filmmaker and all-around creative specializing in producing content that is comedic, inspirational and impactful. She is a lover of Jesus, people and all things taco.

Ryan McCrary.jpg


CEO of The Funnel Doctor

Growing Your Business with Marketing & Social Media

Digital Marketing Expert, CEO, Speaker, and Author specializing in helping online entrepreneurs grow and scale their business online through profitable sales funnels and Facebook ads. After working in the corporate finance industry, I discovered my passion for helping people create true generational wealth that didn’t require them to sell their soul to draining careers. My strategies are rooted in designing a life that doesn’t require the constant grind. With over $500K in ad spend managed to generate over $450 million in revenue, I’ve helped my clients maximize their income and impact while creating true freedom-based lifestyles.

Ariel Fuller.jpg


COO Dunamis Woman Enterprise

Elevating Your Faith & Mindset for Maximum Impact

Ariel Fuller the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Owner of Dunamis Woman Enterprise, LLC, a 7-Figure faith based business that guides women on how to heal within their soul, transform their life & relationships, and ignite their power through prayer & spiritual warfare! She works alongside her mother, Dee Mallory serving as a Spiritual Coach and Speaker. Together they impact the lives of over 60,000 women worldwide through their online Healing for My Soul™ challenges, conferences, coaching program, and courses. When she is not coaching or traveling on tour, Ariel loves to get lost in her passion for mentoring teens & providing college scholarships to young women through her own pageant system as she uses her titleholder experience within Miss America, Miss USA, and Miss Black US Ambassador systems.

krissy white - Kristen Ward.jpg


CEO of Abundant Coaching & Consulting Co.

Elevating Your Faith & Mindset for Maximum Impact

Kristen Ward, MS, CEG is the Owner of Kristen Ward Enterprises (Abundant Coaching & Consulting Co.), an international coaching and consulting brand. Kristen provides dynamic signature offer & positioning strategy to coaches, consultants and course creators that aligns them with record breaking revenue and results to bring transformation to their audiences.


Take your God-given ideas
to new levels of income + impact.




What's the cost to attend?

The summit is 100% free. If you'd like to watch the replay, there's a cost to purchase the replay for $199.


Who is the Go-Getter Confidential digital summit for?

We have specifically curated this summit for Christian women entrepreneurs (both product-based and service-based business owners).


How is Go-Getter Confidential different from Go-Getter Conference?

Go-Getter Confidential is an online digital summit featuring interviews with entrepreneurs about building & scaling in entrepreneurship. Go-Getter Conference is a live in-person event featuring networking, panels, and workshops teaching you step-by-step instructions on how to build and grow your business. Yes, you should attend both!


How can I access the summit?

You will be able to access the summit content via our Facebook Group and summit portal. You will receive a link to watch the daily summit videos on the summit portal. The live sessions that happen daily at 5 pm CST will happen live on Zoom and will be streamed to the private Facebook group. If you want access to the private Zoom room, you must upgrade to a VIP all-access pass. 


How can I connect and network with the other summit attendees?

The best way to connect and network with other summit attendees is in the private Facebook group.


Will this content be available after the summit is over? 

Only for those who have access to the VIP All-Access Pass which includes lifetime replays of each session. 


What if I'm not available during the summit?

If you're not able to attend the summit when the content drops, you have 24 hours to watch each video. If you miss the video and want to watch it later, you must purchase a VIP All-Access Pass which includes replays.


What is Epic Fab Girl?

Epic Fab Girl is a community for Christian women entrepreneurs. We host live events and provide online content to help women build profitable brands and grow their faith. Our goal is to help women connect with other like-minded women and provide them with the tools and strategies to thrive in purpose as modern-day businesswomen. To become an official member of our community, click here to learn about our Go-Getter Confidential Clique.

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